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    CLEARSIGHT Rainproof Protective Film For Rearview Mirror

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    CLEARSIGHT Rainproof Protective Film For Rearview Mirror

    Driving a car at night, especially during rainy days is dangerous if you can’t see where the cars are coming from and to make things worse, the rain is covering the rearview mirror and it's preventing you to see cars. With our ClearSight™ you can now make your rearview fog and rainproof so that you can clearly see in the mirror and drive safely

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Just like adding a screen protector to a phone, bubbles will appear under the film if you do not slide them out (just use a credit card or something similar). Easy to do, just a little time consuming to get it perfect - but the final product is great! Fits perfect on a 2020 Toyota Corolla."

    -Danielle J. 



    See Clearly On Rearview Mirror Even On Rainy Days - Our CLEARSIGHT is a waterproof and anti-fog protective film for your rearview mirror that allows you to see clearly on your rearview mirror when you are driving

    Drive Safely Even At Foggy And Rainy Days - Our CLEARSIGHT consists of multiple protective layers that prevent your rearview mirror from getting covered in fog, rain, and dirt, so you can drive safely and return to your home and family

    Protects Your Rearview Mirror From Scratch, Dust, And Stains - Our CLEARSIGHT includes PET and Nano protective film that can protect your rearview mirror from scratch, dust, and stains

    Make Your Rearview Waterproof In Minutes - Our CLEARSIGHT can be easily installed in your rearview mirror in minutes. Just wipe your mirror with wipes, spray water, place the protective film, scrape out, remove the protective film label and you’re done!

    Now you can drive safely with the use of our CLEARSIGHT even during foggy, and rainy days know your rearview mirror can’t be blocked by raindrops, fog, dirt, and dust.

    ✔️Protects Your Mirror From Rain And Fog

    ✔️See Clearly During Rainy Days

    ✔️Protects Your Mirror From Stains, Dust, And Scratch

    ✔️Easy To Install

    📦 Package Includes

    2x CLEARSIGHT Rainproof Protective Film For Rearview Mirror

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