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      StretchFit™ Resistance Band Set

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      StretchFit™ Resistance Band Set

      “I always knew that weights aren’t the only way someone can get buff! And since finding this resistance set, I proved it too! Muscles need stress and a challenge to grow (you've got to eat right, though), and that’s what these bands enable you. If you’re anything like me and want to avoid going to a crowded gym, but you still want a hard workout — trust me, you’ll be amazed by the results this set can bring, all within your home!”

      - Joshua T.

      Skip Going To The Gym & Grow Your Muscles
      Efficiently & At Home

      Are you sick of crowded gyms, but keep going so you can keep that shape you’ve worked on for years? Or do you want to start working out and you’d like to do it at home? Either way, you’re not the only one!

      But with this intense resistance band set, you’ll be giving your muscles a real challenge, all within the confines of your own home. Or anywhere else where you choose!

      Discover the StretchFit™ Resistance Band Set, and you’ll be able to choose the weight load to match your level and hit each muscle group with effective exercises. Just find a bit of space, and get into your program. Get fit, grow!


      Because it was designed to help train both beginners and seasoned athletes alike, StretchFit™ can provide a challenge to anyone. Moving up by 30 pounds of weight with every added band, you can ensure that you get a proper workout, even if you’re an advanced athlete!


      The designers behind StretchFit™ are aware that anatomic balance is the key to strength and health. After studying global fitness trends from the 1920s onwards, it was discovered that every muscle group could be engaged in numerous ways if resistance bands were utilised correctly. The result? StretchFit™.


      Whether you want to work on your fitness in a familiar setting, or you happen to be out of town and want to get that work in — StretchFit™ is the fitness tool for you. Coming with a set of hand grips that allow you to make great use of its sturdy door anchor, you’re definitely going to get some proper training. StretchFit™ flexes to help you work out anywhere!

      StretchFit™ Features:

      ✓ 7x30 lbs Resistance Bands

      ✓ Handheld Shank & Door Anchor

      ✓ Portable Design

      ✓ Use Seven Intensity Levels For Great Workouts

      ✓ Activate & Workout Every Muscle Group

      ✓ Do Your Workouts At Home Or On The Road


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