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    SPECTRAL RGB Corner Lamp

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    SPECTRAL RGB Corner Lamp

     Evighet - Lighthus RGB Corner Floor Lamp for living room (3.6 ft height)

    This slim, lightweight lamp is exactly what I was looking for: It offers remote customization with dozens of vibrant colours, and shifts the focus from lamp design to lightning quality. 10/10!

    - Nina T.

    ✔️ Slick Corner Lamp, Super Easy to Assemble & Install

    ✔️ Create Fascinating Ambiances With Dozens of Color Combinations

    ✔️ Be Inspired By Moods, Contrasts & Aesthetics in Your Home

    ✔️ Enjoy Vibrant Colors & High-Definition Lighting


    Relax & Enjoy At Home With Smoother & More Vibrant Lighting Aesthetics 

    Slick, modern, and minimalist, this space-saving corner lamp lets you create eye-candy aesthetics for your living space. Explore dozens of colour combinations to match different moods, vibes, and interior styles, all with a swipe or two on the easy-to-use remote controller.

    Enchant your living space with mesmerizing displays, and feel the endless spectrum make a difference in your day-to-day ambience. Play with dozens of colours and nuances, and explore a world of vibrant shades, saturation, and unlimited contrast:

    • Slim, Minimalist Design To Complement Any Interior Space
    • Simple Remote Control, Black or White Light In Dozens of Colors
    • Remote, Single-Button Color & Brightness Control

    Go SPECTRAL today to save 40%.
    Invest in a more vibrant, more relaxing interior, and save extra.

    Break the Monotony of Any Indoor Space

    Enjoy Aesthetic Ambiances in Dozens of Colors

    Enliven Your Living Space With Vibrant LED Lighting


    Package Includes:

    1 x SPECTRAL RGB Corner Lamp

    A more vivid, more relaxing ambiance is just around the corner.

    • Vivify and Enchant Any Indoor Ambiance, Hassle-Free
    • Get a Slick, Minimalist LED Lamp That Saves Space
    • Enjoy Reinvigorating Sights of Vibrant Contrasts & Relaxing Nuances