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    GROWHALO Ring Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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    GROWHALO Ring Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

    Illuminate Your Indoor Plants and Boost Their Growth with GROWHALO Ring Grow Lights

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I love these lights! My apartment doesn't get much natural light, and my plants have always struggled with not getting enough sun. I've bought a few of these because my plants flourished once I started using them. The timer setting is nice and I like being able to adjust the light level for different plants. The adjustable height is also helpful since my plants have shot up since I started using the lights! These are awesome if your plants need a little extra sun."
    - Nicola E.

    Accelerate Plant Growth

    Full-spectrum LED chips mimic natural sunlight, promoting photosynthesis and plant growth at all stages. 10 dimming levels allow for customizable brightness to meet the needs of different plants.

    Convenient and Hassle-free

    Built-in timer with 3 modes and auto on/off function make your plant care easy and worry-free. Height-adjustable telescopic pole makes it easy to install and adjust to fit different plant sizes and locations.

    Versatile and Stylish

    Can be used in various locations, such as hanging, trellis, and floor planters. The meticulous design makes it a stylish home decor piece that fits in with any of your home spaces.


    ✔️ Meticulous design resembling a halo of natural light for optimal plant growth

    ✔️ Full spectrum LED chips with 10 dimming levels for customizable brightness

    ✔️ Built-in timer with 3 modes and auto on/off function for convenient and hassle-free plant care

    ✔️ Height adjustable telescopic pole for easy installation and customization

    ✔️ USB plug for easy power supply


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