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      RINGO Ring Toss Game

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      RINGO Ring Toss Game

      Bring Endless Fun and Learning to Your Family Gatherings with the RINGO Ring Toss Game!

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐  cute, great for kids, so fun to play with grandchildren love them would buy again highly recommended thanks!  
      -Josephine H.

      Enhances Child Development

      The RINGO Ring Toss Game is designed to stimulate your child's cognitive and motor skills. The vibrant colors of the cups and rings help develop color recognition, while the act of stacking and sorting promotes size differentiation and counting abilities. This game is a fun way to enhance brain development, ensuring your child learns while they play.

      Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

      Equipped with 8 rings for a delightful toss game, RINGO helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and control. As they aim and throw the rings onto the stacked cups, they develop their motor skills and understand the concepts of power and distance. This engaging activity keeps kids entertained and physically active, making learning a fun and interactive experience.

      Safe and Parent-Approved

      Made from special ABS safety materials, the RINGO Ring Toss Game ensures that your child can play safely. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that this toy meets high safety standards. Moreover, it offers a great opportunity for parent-child bonding through shared play and friendly competition, enhancing family connections and creating cherished memories.


      ✔️Complete set with 8 stacked cups and 8 rings

      ✔️Bright, colorful design to attract and engage children

      ✔️Made from durable, safe ABS materials

      ✔️Easy to clean and store

      ✔️Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play




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      1 x RINGO Ring Toss Game