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      ROUTESYNC Wireless Carplay

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      ROUTESYNC Wireless Carplay

      Enhance Your Driving Experience with ROUTESYNC Wireless Carplay

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Makes reversing into spots so easy! I used to always have to drive away when I'd mess it up and be afraid of hitting another car. Love the map features and connecting my podcasts via bluetooth. Feels like I'm after getting a brand new car for 150 quid! Love it  
      -Sam O.

      Stress-Free Driving

      Turn every drive into a stress-free journey with ROUTESYNC Wireless Carplay. Effortlessly access navigation, calls, and music without the hassle of tangled wires or distracting screens. Feel the ease of voice-controlled commands through Siri or Google Assistant, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Say goodbye to the anxiety of missing important calls or getting lost—drive with confidence and calm.

      Confidence in Every Maneuver

      ROUTESYNC includes a 2.5K front camera and a 1080p night vision backup camera, providing you with crystal-clear driving records and a comprehensive view of your surroundings. No more stress over parking in tight spots or reversing in crowded areas—these cameras offer a clear and confident view, making every maneuver safer and more precise. Feel empowered with the ability to navigate any driving challenge with ease.

      Effortless Integration for a Modern Lifestyle

      ROUTESYNC seamlessly integrates into your car, transforming it into a smart vehicle. The easy plug-and-play installation fits all vehicle types, bringing modern technology to your fingertips. Imagine the convenience of having all your apps, maps, and music accessible with a touch or voice command. Enhance your driving experience with cutting-edge features that make every journey more enjoyable and efficient.


      ✔️ Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto with voice control

      ✔️ Crystal-clear 2.5K front camera & 1080p night vision backup camera

      ✔️ Phone mirroring & four audio output options

      ✔️ Built-in collision sensor & parking monitor

      ✔️ Easy plug-and-play installation for all vehicles


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      1 x ROUTESYNC Wireless Carplay