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      SAFEHAND Adjustable Shower Safety Handle

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      SAFEHAND Adjustable Shower Safety Handle

      Enjoy Secure Tub Time And Prevent Injury
      Safely & Confidently

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ After my foot healed (I broke it by falling down a couple of stairs), I lost confidence in it. I decided to rely on an added hold in the shower, so I’d ensure I’m confidently held in place if necessary. So when I first ordered this thing, I was a bit skeptical, but my Lord, it’s so firm that I have a feeling that an elephant could lean on it, and it’d stay put! An amazing feeling of security, I’d recommend it to anyone with similar fears or challenges.
      - Martin R.


      Designed For Bathroom Safety

      The SAFEHAND Adjustable Shower Safety Handle is thoughtfully designed to enhance bathroom safety and provide extra stability for people of all ages, from seniors to toddlers. Its two strong suction cups work effortlessly on any non-porous, flat surface, including tile, glass, acrylic, and fiberglass. This grab bar is a perfect solution for anyone seeking additional support while entering or exiting the shower or bathtub, ensuring a safe and comfortable bathing experience. The portable and easy-to-install design allows you to take it with you wherever you need it, providing peace of mind and security.

      Comfortable & Non-Slip Grip

      With its comfortable and non-slip grip, the SAFEHAND Shower Safety Handle ensures maximum confidence and convenience while using the bathroom. The suction cup device must be applied to non-porous, texture-free, flat, and smooth surfaces, such as glass, DRY tile, and fiberglass. The slightly curved design of the handle allows you to firmly and easily grasp it, providing a reassuring hold that won't damage your walls or surfaces, regardless of its location in the bathroom.

      No Tools or Drilling Required

      The SAFEHAND Adjustable Shower Safety Handle offers the remarkable advantage of being completely tool-free and drill-free during installation. Say goodbye to the hassle and mess of traditional grab bar installations. Moreover, the SAFEHAND Shower Safety Handle is engineered to leave no damage on the surface when installed and used correctly. The reliable suction cups create a secure and stable connection without harming your walls or tiles. This means you can have the safety and support you need without worrying about unsightly holes or marks on your bathroom surfaces. Experience peace of mind and a stress-free installation process with the SAFEHAND Adjustable Shower Safety Handle by Irish Supply.



      ✔️ Reliable Suction Mechanism

      ✔️ Made of PVC - Rust Free Durable construction for long-lasting use

      ✔️ Resistant to dirt & Water



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      📦 Package Includes

      1 x SAFEHAND Adjustable Shower Safety Handle