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      SCRATCHFIX Car Repair Paste

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      SCRATCHFIX Car Repair Paste

      Restore Your Car’s Original Shine Instantly with SCRATCHFIX!

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐  Purchased this and the scratch that was the entire length of my car is completely gone! So glad I purchased this instead of paying much at a car repair shop. This is worth every penny! Thank you!
      -Edward O.

      Easily Remove Fine Scratches and Scuffs

      Our car scratch repair wax is formulated to effectively remove fine scratches and bumps from your car's paint. Whether it's a minor scuff or a surface scratch, SCRATCHFIX helps restore your car’s finish to its original glory.

       Universal Application for All Car Colors

      SCRATCHFIX Car Repair Paste is versatile and works on any car color. It’s perfect for dealing with nail scratches, minor scratches, and slight paint injuries. Additionally, it cleans stubborn attachments, ensuring your car looks pristine.

      Enhance Shine and Protect Your Paint

      Designed to restore the original shine and color, SCRATCHFIX provides excellent protection for your car's paintwork. It shields your vehicle from the elements and other contaminants, ensuring it looks like new for years.


      ✔️ Quick and easy scratch repair in just 3 seconds

      ✔️ Develops a protective coat 

      ✔️ Works on all types of paint and vehicle colours

      ✔️ Suitable for small and light scratches, lacquer damage, and paint touch-ups

      ✔️ No Residue: Leaves no unsightly residue or marks after application.


      By purchasing the SCRATCHFIX Car Repair Paste from Irish Supply, you'll experience the quality of shopping with a trusted provider: 

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      🤝 Benefit from a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy 

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