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      HEATSY Food Bag Heating Sealer

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      HEATSY Food Bag Heating Sealer

      HEATSY Mini Food Bag Sealer

      Punchline: Seal food bags, teas and spices in seconds to keep them fresh and sealed airtight!

       “Just what I needed! Before, I had to throw away my snacks all the time when I didn't finish them, I just couldn’t stand to waste so much anymore though. Now I can keep my snacks fresh at work and at home, my fridge is neater and I can pack meals for the go super easy!

      - Christine

      Excellent for freezer bags, snack bags, spices and teas, this powerful miniature plastic bag sealer lets you easily seal any bag airtight, and prolong the freshness of its content.

      Meet HEATSY: The ultimate portable heat sealer that lets you seal any plastic bag in one simple, continuous move to store food, protect spices and teas, and overall extend the life and quality of the bag contents!

      Rondom Color Mini Handheld Heat Bag Sealer for Airtight Food Storage Saver  Reseals Snack Bags Seals Aluminum Chip Packs Repack |Bag Clips| - AliExpress

      Keep Food Tasty - Why throw away your food, if you can seal it and save it for later? Sealing your food bag with HEATSY makes it as if you never opened it: It stays tastier and fresher longer, because the air and moisture are kept out.

      A More Hygienic, Neater Fridge - Instead of scents mixing up and juices flowing all around your fridge, now you can easily store distinct-smelling foods, especially fruits, veggies and meat, perfectly neat, hygienic and accessible for later use.

      Seal Any Bag in Seconds - It only takes a moment to seal any bag, and because the heater can run for a full minute continuously, you can efficiently, completely seal at least 5 bags before letting it cool down a bit.


      Portable Heat Sealer Plastic Package Storage Bag Mini Sealing Machine Handy  Sticker and Seals for Food Snack Kitchen Accessories|Bag Clips| - AliExpress


      Heatsy™ Summary:

      ✔️ Seal Any Plastic Bag in Seconds

      ✔️ Keep Food Fresher Longer

      ✔️ Prolong Spice Freshness

      ✔️ Preserve Tea Quality

      ➡️ Powered by two AA Batteries

      ➡️ Lightweight & Smaller Than a Phone

      ➡️ Portable & Durable: High-Quality ABS Plastic

      How to Use:

    • Fold the bag over neatly so that it seals more efficiently
    • Clean any dust, water, oil or powder from the opening
    • Feel it sealing, don’t rush: Take a couple of seconds to let it heat properly
    • Don’t use continuously for more than 60 seconds to prevent overheating

    • NOTICE: We’re receiving more & more orders - we’re doing our best, but the HEATSY bag sealers are selling out at record speeds!

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