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    FUNKYCRAB Interactive Sensory Walking Crab

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    FUNKYCRAB Interactive Sensory Walking Crab

    Make Tummy Time Fun with FUNKYCRAB!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This crab is all the talk. It's catchy to the eye and works so wonderful. My 4 year old and 4 month old both love to play with this crab. It is all the hype and I 10/10 recommend for tummy time or to wear out those busy toddlers. This is very entertaining!"
    - Brenda L. 

    Engaging Tummy Time Experience

    Our FUNKYCRAB Interactive Sensory Walking Crab transforms tummy time into a delightful adventure for your child! With its vibrant colours, sparkling lights, and cheerful music, it captures their attention, encouraging them to move and groove along with the music. This not only helps babies exercise their muscles but also enhances their motor skills development.

    Endless Entertainment To Maximise Playtime 

    The bright colours of our crab toy instantly become your little one's favourite. As the crab starts to move, their eyes follow its path, and they start babbling with excitement. Babies become fully engrossed in their world of play, dancing to the rhythmic music, filling the room with laughter.

    Encourages Crawling Milestones

    When babies reach 6 to 12 months and see the crab moving sideways, they're thrilled to chase it. As they attempt to catch it on their hands and knees, the crab cleverly moves away, thanks to its obstacle avoidance sensor. This fun game not only entertains but also motivates your baby to crawl and explore.

    Bundle Deal!

    Embark on an aquatic adventure with our FUNKYCRAB Interactive Sensory Walking Crab and CRABUBBLE Bubble Bath Maker with Music. Your child's senses will be delighted on land and in the bath, creating endless moments of seaside wonder and imaginative play.


    ✔️ Captivating lights and music for sensory stimulation

    ✔️ Sideways walking motion to engage babies

    ✔️ Obstacle avoidance sensor for interactive play



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    📦 Package Includes

    1 x FUNKYCRAB Interactive Sensory Walking Crab

    1 x FUNKYCRAB USB Charging Cord