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    Silicone Can Strainer

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    • Stretchable silicone; can fit cans of 66-85mm
    • Mess-free straining of the canned food
    • Saves time and effort
    • Different colors available

     SIFTR: The Micro Kitchen Colander || Strain, Drain & Contain by UN&i —  Kickstarter

    Straining canned food like beans, corn and tuna is a messy job but not with this Silicone Can Strainer. It can manage a majority of cans and helps you get rid of the unwanted residue in no time at all. Easy to wash and store, this is a must-have kitchen accessory if you use canned food a lot.

    What you will get:

    • Fits all cans: Because of the stretchable silicone material, it can fit all can mouths with ease. For smaller cans, it sits on the top and you must hold the sides while draining. For larger cans, it fits inside the brim. Suitable for 66-85mm can mouths
    • Mess-free draining: Reduces mess on the kitchen counter while draining your canned items. The water droplet holes efficiently allow water to enter and leave the can. 
    • Saves time: No need to take out the contents of the can and wash them. The can strainer saves time and effort. 
    • Dishwasher-safe: Extremely easy to wash and store. Takes minimum space in the stand. 
    • Available in multiple colors
    Irish Supply, Silicone Can Strainer
    Silicone Can Strainer

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