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      Vanera™ IPL Laser Hair Remover

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      Vanera™ IPL Laser Hair Remover

      IPL Laser treatment costs on average, 980 euros for full body hair removal in Ireland! 

      It's an expensive procedure as IPL Laser treatment removes hair permanently, unlike waxing and shaving. 

      The Vanera™ allows you to save big on time and money with advanced hair removal. An easy, safe and effective procedure which can be done at home at a fraction of the price. 

      Permanent Solution To Your Body Hair Problems - Using wax and shavers over and over again to remove your stubborn body hair is tedious, often painful, time-consuming and expensive! 

      At Home Treatment - The Vanera™ is designed to bring the professionalism of the beauty salon to the consumer level so that you can have flawless and smoother skin in the comfort of your home.

      2 Modes Of Operation To Suit Your Needs - The Vanera™ has 2 modes of operation. Auto Mode or the continuous flash suitable for legs and larger areas and Manual Mode or the singular flash is suitable for small areas such as the bikini area and armpits.

      Have 5 Different Levels To Best Suit Your Skin - The Vanera™ offers 5 different levels you can adjust according to your needs. You can start from level 1, and work your way up to level 5 if that’s what you need.

      Now you can say goodbye to frequent waxing and shaving to remove your unwanted body hair and safely and permanently remove them in the comfort of your home with the use of our Vanera™ and achieve flawless and smooth skin.

      ✔️Permanently Removes Your Body Hair

      ✔️5 Levels To Suit Your Needs

      ✔️2 Modes To Suit Your Needs

      ✔️ No More Waxing And Shaving

      ✔️ Have Flawless And Smooth Skin At Home

      Treatment Process Instructions

      1. Start by cleaning the area you want to treat. Make sure it is dry and free from any lotions or creams.
      2. Select the appropriate intensity level for your skin tone and hair color. If you're unsure, start with the lowest level and gradually work your way up.
      3. Put on the safety goggles provided to protect your eyes during treatment.
      4. Place the device on the area you want to treat and press the flash button to activate the IPL pulse. Move the device to the next area and repeat.
      5. Use the Vanera™ IPL Laser Hair Remover once a week for the first 4-12 weeks to see the best results. After that, use it as needed to maintain your results.
      6. Avoid using the device on sensitive areas such as the genitals, nipples, and face. Do not use the device if you have a history of skin cancer or other skin disorders.
      7. After each use, clean the treatment window with a dry cloth or tissue. Do not use water or other liquids to clean the device.
      8. Keep the device out of reach of children and pets. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.
      1. Shave before using the device.
      2. Ensure you are NOT tanned or have sunburned skin.
      3. Use a cold compress or cooling gel after treatment.
      4. Be consistent with your treatments.
      5. Do not use on moles, birthmarks, tattoos, or permanent makeup.
      6. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
      7. Stop using if discomfort occurs.
      8. Results may vary depending on skin tone and hair color.
       WHAT NOT TO DO:
      1. Do not use it on open wounds or infections.
      2. Do not apply to the same area multiple times in one session.
      3. Do not use dark skin tones or light hair colors.
      4. Do not share the device with others.
      5. Do not use near water or while bathing.

      📦 Package Includes

      1x Vanera™ IPL Laser Hair Remover
      1x Manual
      1x Power Plug


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