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    FARFALLA Skorts

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    FARFALLA Skorts

    Discover versatility and style with FARFALLA Skorts by Irish Supply. Embrace comfort and elegance in this innovative fusion of shorts and skirts, perfect for active lifestyles. Elevate your wardrobe with Irish Supply's unique skort designs today!

    Feel Très Chic Without Losing Your Full Range Of Movements

    Thinking about swapping the leggings for an athletic skirt? Rightly so — it’s too hot outside!

    Plus, you have nothing to lose! Skorts keep you more comfortable and cooler as you move, not to mention they’re more stylish than your average leggings.

    Combining undershorts and flattering athletic skirts, FARFALLA®️ skorts with undershorts help you get the most out of your silhouette without constraining your movements!

    Flatter Your Body Shape Without Having To Go Super Picky

    Skorts are the easiest pieces to find for your shape!

    That’s why women who sport them regularly avoid pants and leggings like the plague — finding a pair that are flattering is difficult.

    On the other hand, pants generally perpetuate body-image issues for women… they accentuate every lump and bump!

    But if you throw on one of FARFALLA®️ SKORTS, you won't find a lump in sight!

    Never Again Worry About “Showing Too Much”

    Designed with undershorts, FARFALLA®️ SKORTS won’t have you worrying whether you’re showing too much.

    Moreover, their above-the-knee length is excellent to prevent chafing and let the skin breathe…

    And because of that, even the most physically demanding activities won’t have you sweating your soul out or irritating your skin.

    So if you want to elevate your style while giving your body room to thrive, click Buy Now and save 40% off the FARFALLA®️ SKORTS while supplies last!