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    SPINSPLASH 360° Automatic Rotating Sprinkler

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    SPINSPLASH 360° Automatic Rotating Sprinkler

    Transform Your Yard with SPINSPLASH Effortless Lawn Watering Sprinkler

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ This sprinkler was exactly what I was looking for, I had what I needed to change it for my hose connection and it exceeded my expectations. It sprays twice the diameter of my old one, and looks like it will last a long time!  
    -Caroline T.

    Weighted Base for Stability and Durability

    Keep your lawn watering routine hassle-free with the SPINSPLASH sprinkler's weighted base made of super-strong ABS plastic. The sturdy base ensures that the sprinkler remains firmly in place, preventing it from tipping over or moving during use. Say goodbye to unstable sprinklers and hello to effortless lawn watering that delivers consistent results every time.

    Adjustable Rotating Arms for Customized Coverage

    Take control of your lawn watering routine with the SPINSPLASH sprinkler's three fully adjustable arms. Customize your spray pattern to suit your yard's unique shape and size, ensuring comprehensive coverage with every use. Whether you have a small garden or a sprawling lawn, this feature allows you to tailor your watering strategy for optimal results.

    Expandable Coverage for Large Yards

    Maximize your lawn watering efficiency with the SPINSPLASH sprinkler's expandable feature. Designed for extra-large yards, this sprinkler offers an extension option that allows you to connect multiple units for increased coverage and distance. Say goodbye to uneven watering and hello to a beautifully hydrated lawn, no matter the size of your yard.


    ✔️Weighted base made of super-strong ABS plastic

    ✔️Three fully adjustable rotating arms

    ✔️Expandable option for extra-large yards

    ✔️Rain-like irrigation for efficient watering

    ✔️Easy-to-use design with simple hose attachment

    ✔️Durable construction for long-lasting performance



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    1 x SPINSPLASH 360° Automatic Rotating Sprinkler