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    AQUAJET Ultimate Splash Rocket Skyward Launcher

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    AQUAJET Ultimate Splash Rocket Skyward Launcher

    Experience Soaring Fun with the AQUAJET Splash Rocket!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This water rocket sprinkler toy is a game-changer for summer fun! The adjustable water spray height keeps the kids entertained for hours. Plus, it's so easy to set up, my kids can do it on their own. A fantastic gift for summer parties and games!"
    - Peter S. 

    Endless Entertainment

    Turn your backyard into a water-filled wonderland with the AQUAJET Ultimate Splash Rocket Skyward Launcher. This water rocket sprinkler toy is perfect for keeping kids entertained. By connecting it to a water tap, you unleash a world of excitement as the water spray height soars, offering refreshing relief from the heat. The included meter hose ensures easy setup, and the toy's smooth, round-edge ABS material guarantees safety and durability. Say goodbye to worries about your kids getting hurt and hello to endless outdoor fun!

    Educational STEM Learning

    Learning meets play with the AQUAJET Splash Rocket. This incredible outdoor sprinkler toy not only provides a cool water experience but also offers valuable educational opportunities. It promotes fine motor dexterity and coordination while encouraging experimentation and trial & error. Adjust the water pressure to control the rocket's height, and watch as it teaches your little ones about gravity and balance. With this toy, fun and learning go hand in hand.

    Unforgettable Memories

    The AQUAJET Rocket Layncher is the ultimate toy for family bonding time. It's more than just a water toy; it's a source of joy, creativity, and bonding.  Kids can delight in playing with this rocket sprinkler under the sun, whether at the beach, pool, or in the backyard. It's the perfect gift for all ages and occasions, from parties to birthdays. Watch your children's faces light up with excitement as they run under the rocket's spray.



    ✔️ Adjustable water spray height for hours of fun

    ✔️ Easy installation with included meter hose

    ✔️ Safe and durable ABS material

    ✔️ Educational STEM learning through play



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    📦 Package Includes

    1 x AQUAJET Ultimate Splash Rocket Skyward Launcher

    1 x AQUAJET Base Water Pipe Interface

    1 x AQUAJET Faucet Interface

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