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    TOOTHY Triple-Face Toothbrush

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    TOOTHY Triple-Face Toothbrush

     We understand how difficult it can be for parents when its teeth brushing time. 

    Here's a helping hand for caring parents to have one less hissy fit during the day and an impressed dentist at the next check up. 

    “My child has autism and the hardest part of the day is to get her to brush her teeth. Continuous crying and screaming that made it really challenging. I thought I would give the Toothy a go, what’s the worst that can happen. Cannot express how thankful I am, how easy it is for her to brush her teeth is what really fixed the issue. Remarkable” 

     Kelly J. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Toothbrush Designed For Children 

    The design of children’s toothbrushes hasn’t changed in over 60 years, while manual toothbrushes work for adults, the fact that Dental costs are roughly 30 percent of a child's total health care expenses goes to show they don’t work well for children. Children don’t yet have precise hand co-ordination, leading to plaque getting caked in corners. Leading to build up even when they brush their teeth regularly. That means continuous expensive dental bills for parents. 

    Revolutionary 3D design 

    The TOOTHY toothbrush changed the dental industry for children’s oral health. Instead of them taking 2 minutes with a single faced toothbrush where children often miss the same spots continuously, now they will have a thorough clean in only 60 seconds! The ‘Triple Bristle’ technology does all the work, so you can leave brushing to your child without worrying about their technique.

    Peace of mind for parents 

    When children do things independently their attitude becomes more positive, if they can brush their teeth on their own they’re bound to be more enthusiastic and (more importantly)… less prone to throwing tantrums. Ticking off one less challenge for parents. How would you like to safeguard your Childs adult smile, save thousands of dollars on dental bills, and hundreds of hours of sleep? 



    ✔️ Triple Bristle Technology 

    ✔️ IPX7 Waterproof 

    ✔️  Built-in 30-second change time reminder

    ✔️ 32,000 vibrations per minute for effective plaque removal 

    ✔️ Designed for children's oral health 



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