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      EVERSIGHT Unbreakable Shades

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      EVERSIGHT Unbreakable Shades

      Enhance Your Outdoor Adventures with Unparalleled Durability and Optimal Vision!

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Finally, polarized shades that don’t mind a little bit of action! I can’t describe how many times I accidentally broke my shades by either sitting on them or dropping them. These shades return to their normal shape as if they were made out of rubber!”
      -  Nicky R. 

      Unbreakable Durability in Extreme Conditions

      The innovative aluminum-magnesium alloy frame and lens of EVERSIGHT Unbreakable Shades ensure they are virtually indestructible. Made of TR90 Memory Material, these shades immediately return to their original shape, even if bent or hit with force. Their scratch-resistant and waterproof features make them the perfect companion for any outdoor activity, providing unmatched durability.

      Crystal-Clear Vision for Enhanced Perception

      Polarized for HD vision, these shades provide exceptional clarity and detail, allowing you to see the world in better detail. The UV 400 protective film ensures your eyes are shielded from harmful rays, while the partially reflecting mirror layer enhances your vision and reduces eye strain. Whether it's a bright sunny day or dusk, the EVERSIGHT Unbreakable Shades automatically adjust to the level of brightness, providing optimal vision in any lighting condition.

      Stylish Design for Versatile Fashion

      Inspired by the golden age of high fashion, the EVERSIGHT Unbreakable Shades feature an outstanding retro design. With a slick modern line that complements any attire, these shades bring a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor adventures. Stand out from the crowd with a perfect blend of style and functionality.


      ✔️ Unbreakable Frame & Lens

      ✔️ Crystal-Clear Vision

      ✔️ Retro-inspired design with a modern touch

      ✔️ Reduce Eyestrain & Remove Harmful UVA / UVB Sunlight

      ✔️ Photochromic Auto-Brightness For Indoors & Outdoors

      Package Includes

      1 x EVERSIGHT Unbreakable Shades


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