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    Slidester™ Universal Wrench

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    Slidester™ Universal Wrench

    “Wow, this removes such a load from my toolbox. It’s not that it replaces the whole thing, but when I need to have a tool with me and want to travel light, this is my go-to. When I got it, I liked it, and now that it saved my a** on a couple of occasions, I love it!”

    - Ron D.

    Forget Carrying Tens Of Tools & Always Enjoy Reliability 

    Tired of carrying too many tools if you need just one? Yeah, you’re not alone there.

    But with this universal wrench, you’ll easily handle most issues that can come up.

    With its ingenious adjustable design, Slidester™ handles various screw sizes. From 5 to 11mm on one end and 11-16 mm on the other, it handles anything on its path!


    With its adjustable sizing, Slidester™ can handle a lot. Its wide range of adjustable sizes makes it the perfect tool for taking on over 95% of screws in civil circulation since the 1940s!


    Meeting everyone’s convenience standards is difficult. But Slidester™ does a perfect job of it! Just twist its centre spiral, and it’ll adapt to any need you have in seconds!


    Slidester™ is drop-forged out of carbonated steel. This makes it 1.4 times stronger than the US standard for double-ended wrenches. It’ll last you a lifetime!

    Slidester™ Features:

    ✓ 5-11 & 11-16mm Adjustable Sizing

    ✓ Drop-Forged

    ✓ Carbonated Steel Body

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    ✓ Maintain Functionality Without Failure

    1 x Slidester™ Universal Wrench

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