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      Volha™ Volumising Hair Spray (30 mL)

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      Volha™ Volumising Hair Spray (30 mL)

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Oh wow! Some women have trouble with their hair having too much volume, and I’m the exact opposite. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is! So when a friend recommended this spray, I started radiating with confidence. So much volume! I bet this is what some women get when there’s a lot of moisture around. The difference is - I love it!”
      - Grace R.

      Forget Flat Hair & Volumize Yours Flawlessly

      Are you frustrated by flat hairdos? Well, a lot of women are as well.

      But with this lush hair spray, you’ll give hairdos all the girth you always wanted!

      Volha™ is a volumising hair spray extraordinaire! It nourishes hair, and it also fixes it in place. There’ll be something to fix alright because it produces so much volume!


      Inherently flat hair? Worry not! Volha™ stuns you with its effect from the first time you spray it on. Thicken your hair, and volumize it, so you’d have an effortless finish!


      Perfect as a pre-styler, Volha™ holds your hair lightly. Emphasizing natural definition, it lets you give it texture and shape. And best of all? It's stickiness-free! 


      Giving a layered, textured finish, Volha™ is amazingly convenient to apply. Just spray it evenly on your hair, and be amazed. The effects are apparent after sixty seconds!

      Volha™ Features:

      ✓ Non-Sticky Compound

      ✓ Effects last for 16 hours

      ✓ Non-Toxic

      Volumize Your Hair & Save 50% With Free Expedited Shipping

      ✓ Volumise Your Hair Superbly

      ✓ Work Wonders When Styling Hairdos

      ✓ Apply It Easily For An Immediate Effect

      1 x Volha™ Volumising Hair Spray (30 mL)

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