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    Sips™ Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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    Sips™ Electric Wine Bottle Opener

    When it's time to relax and have a glass of wine the last thing you need is for the cork to put up a fight.

    The Sips™ Wine Bottle Opener is precisely what is needed for this task. 

    Open any bottle of wine in a matter of seconds!

    It can be incredibly tedious and annoying to wrestle with corks for minutes on end only to have them break off. Trapping your precious wine in the bottle forever. End the insanity now with the Sips™ Bottle Opener!

    A tool which will delivery every time. 

    You can open up to 80 bottles in a single charge (if you need to). In addition, the 550mah built-in rechargeable battery will last a while - unless you’re on a bender! In which case, we understand, just recharge it and keep on keeping on.

    Sometimes the most tedious tasks require powerful tools.

    The Sips™ Wine Bottle Opener boasts high-precision gears, a powerful motor, and strong torque. Those wine corks are no match for our robust little tool. You'll have to get used to visitors being impressed.







     Now you can easily open up your favorite bottle of wine and relax drinking it with a friend or special someone with the help of our Sips™ Bottle Opener

    ✔️ Opens The Bottle Of Wine In Seconds

    ✔️ Can Open Up To 80 Bottles Of Wine

    ✔️ Easy To Use

    ✔️ Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers



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